A day of crafts

This morning Gianna decided to pull coffee filters out of the kitchen cupboard and left them crinkled all over the floor. Here is how I turned them from trash to treasure..

an old pen gets a new life.

continue reading to see how I did it..

gather your supplies.

the pen and scissors couldn’t make it to the photo shoot :)

1. begin by tying a knot at the back end of the pen  2.  spread a thin-ish layer of glue down about the first inch. start  by wrapping your hemp tightly over the knot and work your way down.  if glue squeezes out just spread it over the hemp with your finger and it will dry clear. (to add a color repeat the first step by tying the new color string over the old string)  repeat this process until you reach the end. you can either glue the end piece down over the wrapped part (which is what I did) or tie a knot and glue that securely.

fashioning the flower

this step is pretty simple. take a few coffee filters (I used 2, for a fuller flower use more) and layer them inside each other. play with the edges a bit to get your desired flower. next, push your pen all the way through the middle until it sits where you’d like it on the pen. (it needs to be at least a half inch from the top for the next step). glue it in place on the pen. then add small dots of glue in the middle of your flower to hold the petals in place. now repeat steps 1 and 2 in the previous photo to cover the glued part of your flower.

what a pretty pen

a better shot of the flower

i’m kind of crushing on these right now. they would be cute as a bunch in a cup, or as a thoughtful valentine’s gift. the possibilities are endless, and so are my ideas.

check back for more of these little gems in a variety of colors and strings


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