Go Bananas

When bananas go on sale at the supermarket I like to stock up, usually buying close to 10 pounds. We eat them as snacks and my 10 month old can devour a whole one by herself;  but sometimes you have to try something different. Here are a few of my favorite banana inspired confectionery delights!

Before (or sometimes even after) bananas become very ripe, I’ll peel and cut them up into chunks and freeze them in a large tupperware. These are great for smoothies like this one, which I like to enjoy most mornings for breakfast (although I add 1 tbsp of peanut butter and 1/4 cup of quick oats for a bit of fiber and protein). For a healthier alternative to this amazing melt-in-your-mouth banana bread, you can try this banana protein muffin from a blog I just discovered, and whose recipes I can’t wait to make! If you have a sweet tooth like mine, this pinterest-inspired treat is sure to please, and doesn’t last long with my husband around. He also loves to create a pb&j banana roll-up similar to this one. This is also a sweet and simple banana “cupcake” that requires no baking skills at all.

I hope these sound good enough for you all to try (I have made each one and they are oh-so-delicious, and family and friend approved). Let me know what else you like to do with your bananas!


4 fancy things

Taking a moment to enjoy the little (and not so little) things over the last week..

geometric nails

This past week the weather has been phenomenal. Sunny and 70 degrees in lovely Hathaway Pines, CA – so here is a mani  that’s ready for spring.

my backyard at sunset

We took a hike one warm afternoon and this is what we saw. Beautiful.

The dress I worked on for 12 hours, and actually finished (although I don’t have a decent picture yet). I can’t wait to see my little woman wear this for my best friend’s wedding.

Winter decided to make an appearance today and we woke up in a white winterland. I’ll probably spend most of today reading by the fire.

More to come soon on what the Lady on the mountain has been up to, including the finished dress, and some awesome banana recipes. Check back soon!

Mango Salsa

My favorite summer time treat. This salsa is a recipe I’ve made more than any other side dish. Everyone who has tried it has asked for the recipe, and it never lasts more than 24 hours in my house.

This salsa is so delicious, and it can be served in so many delectable variations!

I have eaten it all by itself, and as a traditional salsa with tortilla chips. I’ve used it to top a bowl of cottage cheese, and I also use it on fish tacos. Tonight I cooked Pollock Cod and placed it on a bed of spinach and finished it off with a heaping scoop.

Mango Salsa

2 or 3 ripe mangos peeled and diced, 1 small red onion diced, 2 or 3 ripe avocados diced, 1 fresh jalapeno finely chopped, 1/4 to 1/2 cup chopped cilantro, 1 tbs lime juice, 1/2 tsp ground cumin. (if you like it less spicy remove the jalapeno seeds)

Mix and enjoy!

fashion friday (this is coincidence I swear)

Let’s face it, it’s hardly possible to look amazing all the time when you have a 10 month old daughter. There are days I don’t even really get dressed. (Don’t act like you’ve never been there) But once in a while, I like to make an appearance sans formula stains. Today we’re actually going to be seen in several public places so I decided to make myself presentable, but practical..

the undone bun - a mommy staple

No one needs an introduction for this tried and true hairstyle. I just get my ponytail high on my head and pull hair only part way through the elastic a few times. Next, I pull my hair slightly out of the elastic towards my face so it doesn’t look tight (this gives it the “messy” look. Pull a few whispy pieces out and you’re good to go! When I have a bit more time for styling, I often do this bun, which will also give you gorgeous waves.

that girl has no feet

Michael Kors button down shirt. Jessica Simpson (dare I say it) jeggings. Vintage metal clutch.. and

..those Jessica Simpson wedges I shared with you here. Honestly though, I’ll probably switch to flats before we go out. How ridiculous is it to watch a woman carrying a baby in heels? Really people.

thrifty thursday

This week I thought thrifty Thursday was a no-go, but I happened to be in town running some errands and I popped into the good old thrift store. I’m so glad I did because this is what I got for about $10..

leather and brass wallet - $1.99

This is the first thing I saw when I walked in the door. Isn’t she purdy? It was only $1.99, but when I got home and opened it, there was a quarter in the coin purse! God is real people!

cups - $.49 each

The perfect little cup for desktop items like paperclips or pushpins.

filing box - $1.99

I promised myself I would only purchase items for this office project I’m working on (which I cannot wait to share with you all), and what do you know? A pretty filing box that fits perfectly on the shelf.

kerr mason jars - $.39 each

I was thrilled to see these in the thrift store again, and at such a great price! I cannot say enough how useful these are! If you’re not sure of how many ways you can use canning jars, check out this awesome mini craft station, and this mason jar herb garden. I could really go on and on about these jars. I thought it would be cute to serve everyone popcorn in their own jar for a movie night.

several yards of burlap - $.99

Another super versatile item! If you are as crafty as I am, you don’t need to be told all of the wonderful things you can create with this stuff. This is a sweet DIY headboard I’m thinking about trying, and here are books covered in burlap that are so simple and stunning. Check back soon to see what I did with mine.

4 fancy things

the mountain has been a bit slow the past few days. the first snow finally fell, and we spent a cozy afternoon by the fire eating popcorn and watching a movie – a date long over due. bigger projects are just waiting for a sunny day, but here are a few things I have managed to get started on indoors..

cupcake pincushion

this was a little something I came up with last night after a day of sewing without a pincushion. I looked at so many online but found nothing I wanted to replicate, so I crafted this little cutie out of a small tin can and some scrap fabric. simply beautiful.

keeping in mind that I’ve never sewn a button until last week, here is a shirt that i’m creating out of a shirt that I managed to snag a hole in the first time I wore it. this was actually the front but now will be the cropped back. I haven’t yet decided if I want to sew the bottom piece or hem it and leave it open. I’m loving this open back shirt I saw on one of my guilty pleasure shows, and I’m predicting several of these in my spring wardrobe.

more crazy yarn bottles

I’m just about done with these until I get some fancier yarn, and various size bottles to do a large collection.

gold leaf earrings

made these a while back and I still haven’t worn them, but they’re fancy anyway..

manicure monday

I swore I would only do one weekday theme topic but really I can’t pass up an excuse to paint my nails. This week I kept a bit of pink because we all know what tomorrow is.  but because it’s so light and geometric it is feeling super springy (isn’t that fun to say?)

i'm a bit obsessed with chevron everything

I’m also digging this chevron design, as well as this metallic version. I’m always looking for new nail inspiration. Share yours with me.

Happy Monday!