thrifty Thursday

I absolutely love the amazing things you can find at thrift stores. here are a few items I’ve picked up over the last few weeks for PENNIES. you don’t need much money to add style to your life.

damask magnets. 19 cents a piece

usually I’m not one to clutter up my fridge with pictures, paper, appointments etc. but similar shapes and matching patterns give these magnets a more cohesive look

$.49 each

I’m constantly finding new and different ways to use mason jars. currently they are being used to add some color to my kitchen


a sleek maroon clutch for those few occasions I don’t need a diaper bag’s worth of stuff

more projects

mistints are my newest addiction.  they are great for a number of reasons; 1. they are a fraction of the cost of regular paint 2. essentially it’s recycling 3. they allow you to experiment with colors you wouldn’t  normally choose. I plan on using this color for a tiny office i’m building for myself very soon!

$.75 each

books are never in short supply at the thrift store if you’re looking for a quick read, but finding one you’ll actually like takes a bit more time. books are also great for table and shelf decor. at less than $1 a book you could fill a beautiful book case like this one or this one

happy thrift store hunting!


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