pb&j is for lovers

It’s so easy to go completely out of your mind with Valentine’s day treats. The other day I was browsing my cabinets for something simple to jump start my V-day inspiration. Now I’m wondering how I’ve never thought of this before..

I always give my husband a hard time for eating endless amounts of pb&j sandwiches, so this will be a nice surprise for him when he gets home from work. I’m sure instructions aren’t needed to duplicate this tasty treat, but I’ll show you anyway..

theme cookie cutters

play with various shapes and sizes

First, make your pb&j sandwich just the way you (or your lover) likes it. Extra filling will help your sprinkles stick. Then use a cute cookie cutter to shape your sandwich.

You can find Valentine’s theme baking decor just about anywhere. I happened to have these in my cabinet from last year, so I couldn’t tell you where I got them, but they were perfect! Once you have the shape you like, squeeze the bread together a bit just to push out a little extra filling. Now roll the edges of your pb&j in the sprinkles and VOILA!


A Valentine’s snack not even a grown-up can resist! Pile these high when making for a party- they’re sure to be a hit!

I’ll be doing more V-day inspired blogging soon so check back for more.


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