sew last minute

It’s only two days until Valentine’s day and, if you’re like me, you waited until now to realize you haven’t gotten gifts for anyone. This lovely heart bookmark isn’t only the perfect gift for all my friends who love to read, it’s also the PERFECT project to practice using my sewing machine! Everyone knows I love a 2for ;) So last night after putting the baby to bed I got started on these fabric heart bookmarks.

be as excited as me about these

Don’t you love them? Great, let’s get started..

start by drawing or tracing a heart onto felt. I like to fold mine over to be extra precise about symmetry. (that’s the perfectionist in me) it’s important to keep the tip at a 90 degree angle so the page corners will fit nicely.

once you’ve cut your heart, place it over another fabric of your choice and trace the top of your felt heart. when cutting this heart, I made mine a bit smaller so there was some felt still sticking out on top

like this..

begin sewing

I used a straight stitch and a 1/8″ seem.

the pivot

stop sewing as close to 1/8″ on the other side as possible. move the needle down into the fabric and turn your heart 90 degrees and sew the other side. I also used a few back stitches to secure the seems. If I can do this, SO CAN YOU.

What a heart felt gift. (I’m hilarious)

all done

and then it got a little crazy

one for everyone

Let’s just say I’m really good at making these now. Hope you enjoyed my tutorial. Let me know how yours turn out!


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