4 fancy things

the mountain has been a bit slow the past few days. the first snow finally fell, and we spent a cozy afternoon by the fire eating popcorn and watching a movie – a date long over due. bigger projects are just waiting for a sunny day, but here are a few things I have managed to get started on indoors..

cupcake pincushion

this was a little something I came up with last night after a day of sewing without a pincushion. I looked at so many online but found nothing I wanted to replicate, so I crafted this little cutie out of a small tin can and some scrap fabric. simply beautiful.

keeping in mind that I’ve never sewn a button until last week, here is a shirt that i’m creating out of a shirt that I managed to snag a hole in the first time I wore it. this was actually the front but now will be the cropped back. I haven’t yet decided if I want to sew the bottom piece or hem it and leave it open. I’m loving this open back shirt I saw on one of my guilty pleasure shows, and I’m predicting several of these in my spring wardrobe.

more crazy yarn bottles

I’m just about done with these until I get some fancier yarn, and various size bottles to do a large collection.

gold leaf earrings

made these a while back and I still haven’t worn them, but they’re fancy anyway..


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