thrifty thursday

This week I thought thrifty Thursday was a no-go, but I happened to be in town running some errands and I popped into the good old thrift store. I’m so glad I did because this is what I got for about $10..

leather and brass wallet - $1.99

This is the first thing I saw when I walked in the door. Isn’t she purdy? It was only $1.99, but when I got home and opened it, there was a quarter in the coin purse! God is real people!

cups - $.49 each

The perfect little cup for desktop items like paperclips or pushpins.

filing box - $1.99

I promised myself I would only purchase items for this office project I’m working on (which I cannot wait to share with you all), and what do you know? A pretty filing box that fits perfectly on the shelf.

kerr mason jars - $.39 each

I was thrilled to see these in the thrift store again, and at such a great price! I cannot say enough how useful these are! If you’re not sure of how many ways you can use canning jars, check out this awesome mini craft station, and this mason jar herb garden. I could really go on and on about these jars. I thought it would be cute to serve everyone popcorn in their own jar for a movie night.

several yards of burlap - $.99

Another super versatile item! If you are as crafty as I am, you don’t need to be told all of the wonderful things you can create with this stuff. This is a sweet DIY headboard I’m thinking about trying, and here are books covered in burlap that are so simple and stunning. Check back soon to see what I did with mine.


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