fashion friday (this is coincidence I swear)

Let’s face it, it’s hardly possible to look amazing all the time when you have a 10 month old daughter. There are days I don’t even really get dressed. (Don’t act like you’ve never been there) But once in a while, I like to make an appearance sans formula stains. Today we’re actually going to be seen in several public places so I decided to make myself presentable, but practical..

the undone bun - a mommy staple

No one needs an introduction for this tried and true hairstyle. I just get my ponytail high on my head and pull hair only part way through the elastic a few times. Next, I pull my hair slightly out of the elastic towards my face so it doesn’t look tight (this gives it the “messy” look. Pull a few whispy pieces out and you’re good to go! When I have a bit more time for styling, I often do this bun, which will also give you gorgeous waves.

that girl has no feet

Michael Kors button down shirt. Jessica Simpson (dare I say it) jeggings. Vintage metal clutch.. and

..those Jessica Simpson wedges I shared with you here. Honestly though, I’ll probably switch to flats before we go out. How ridiculous is it to watch a woman carrying a baby in heels? Really people.


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