thrifty thursday

Honestly, I did a happy dance in the car the whole way home after my trip to CVS. If you are still not sold on the idea of spending a little time clipping a few coupons, I hope this post will change you’re mind. I spent about an hour preparing for my trip to the store, and I saved $93 (at cvs and the supermarket). It’s not a bad paying job. Here is what I got.. for  $7 at CVS.

transaction 1

transaction 2

 You can see how much I paid versus how much I saved.  It’s about 87%. To put it into perspective, each item pictured averaged about 11 cents! Here is a link to the 5 short videos I watched to learn how to coupon (they are really short, a few minutes each, you can also check out her website for other frugal finds/ideas at And here is a website that does all the matching up for me!! I use it before every shopping trip. You will start to see savings right away, however it is true that only after about 2 months will you really start to get the AWESOME deals. Stick with it! I want to make it clear that I am nothing like the people on TV. I don’t clip hundreds of the same coupon and stand in line for 3 hours. I have a life! I call it non-extreme couponing. I’ve been doing it for a year and I don’t imagine I’ll stop any time soon.

Some people think being thrifty means skimping on healthy produce items. NO WAY! Just for fun I want to show you what I got at save mart for $53, which will feed my family three meals a day, with plenty left for snacking, for over a week.


I also got a 10lb bag of chicken but it was already put away. I was able to save 42%, which is a bit lower than what I usually shoot for, but you can’t win em all.

new fabric

 On another thrifty note, I picked all these fabrics up for just $1.29! I cannot wait to show you what I did with the pink textured one. Tutorial post coming tuesday, along with the super simple tutorial for these fabric bows I’m making for G’s party..

fabric bow


office space

Two months ago I saw a picture online of a tiny closet turned into an office. (Here are a few others that are worth a look, too if you’re dealing with a SUPER tiny closet like mine.) Needless to say I was inspired. My husband and I have so many hobbies, and all the other rooms in our house are pretty occupied. We had a tiny hall closet that was filled with mostly misplaced items, so I decided it was just enough space to make this repurposed space work. Here is what it looked like before

a closet full of junk (you know you have one)

This photo was after I’d taken things out and started removing shelves. Here is what it looks like now!

 So much better! Here’s a closer look

It was hard to get a decent shot of the whole space at once because it’s in a hallway. I’m sure you get the idea..  I have a few more additions I’m going to make, but it’s up and running, and I LOVE it!

Happy Tuesday!

4 fancy things

With a million and one things going on at once it’s easy to overlook simple joys. I’m trying my hardest not to do that.. Here are a few of the many many things I am appreciating in my life this week.

new pins

 Who knew we had a Dollar Store in Murphys?? I totally scored today on a quick trip after church. (more to come on thrifty thursday)

handmade vintage birthday banner

I’m totally excited for Gianna’s 1st birthday! I’m making a whole slew of decor, and this is the first finished project. (tutorial coming soon, although it’s pretty self explanitory) My hope is that she’ll hang this every year on her birthday and remember how much her mommy loves her.

diy striped lamp shade

This was one of those crazy/crafty strokes of genius. I had some cut up t-shirt strips leftover from this t-shirt refashion I did a while back. I just slipped them over the lampshade to create this striped look.

sony vaio

My other baby.  I promise to reveal my office/closet remodel on a sunnier day with better lighting.

Now I’m going to relax and enjoy the rest of my Sunday. That’s code for I’ll be crafting my fingers to the bone!

diy chevron art

Some of you saw the repurposed chevron canvas project I was working on last night.. Well it’s finished and I’m super excited about it!  My bathroom has been desperately needing a makeover (I really wish I had taken a before picture), and I was able to do just that for the cost of spray paint (which I already had, actually) and some masking tape. Here’s how I did it..

I had an old canvas painting hanging in the potty room that I painted just barely off-white. Then I drew straight lines across the canvas with a light yellow pencil. The point of each zip zag comes to the line to give it a nice even look.

I didn’t measure out each line because nap time was almost over and I wanted to finish! You can’t tell in the end that the zig zags aren’t all exact, but anyway I would recommend measuring all the lines. Once I was all taped up I sprayed the entire canvas gold..

My favorite part! Once it dried, I ripped all the tape off like it was Christmas morning!

And here she is, in all her chevron glory! I also gave the mirror a fresh coat of paint to match. VOILA!

thrifty thursday

I’m kind of addicted to good deals! You would be completely amazed at how much money I save my family on everything from groceries and household items to clothes and baby necessities. Here is a look at what I picked up from CVS yesterday..

Think about how much you might pay for all these items at full price. Now let me tell you what I paid! Are you ready for this?  $4!!  (if you want to know how to do this too, click here) I watched the lady in front of me check out, and she had a handbasket full of items. Her total was $306! It amazes me how much people will spend on basic household items.

aqua harem pants $.49 (yes, 49 cents!)

I realize these pants need to be pressed and hemmed, but I’m thrilled about this find! These are so comfy I can wear them just lounging around the house, yet cute enough to dress up with heels (if you’re into that sort of thing). Here are some other ways to dress up or dress down your harem pants.

And last but certainly not least..

vintage bracelet $0

I paid nada for this beauty because my customer card at one of my favorite thrift stores was filled up, which gives you $5 on a purchase. This bracelet was $4.99 so I got it FREE! I love that word :)

Stay Thrifty My Friends!!

manicure monday

Feeling bubbly..

This week I have SO many projects going on. G’s birthday is a month away, and the to-do list keeps growing. That being said, I needed a manicure that was easy and able to hide chips and cracks (which I already have). Here’s to thinking outside the box.. or bubble.

Base coat: Confetti, Pink Paradise. Bubbles: Wet n Wild, 2% Milk.

PS. Hoping to do a post reveal of my closet/office this week. Just waiting on the new computer!

sewing up a storm.

Today I knew we’d be staying inside because of the stormy weather. I love having an excuse not to get out of my pajamas, however I’m terrible at relaxing! I can’t be not doing anything (does that make sense?). Anyway, although I’m still not dressed, I managed to make a cute little spring top for my little woman.

Last night I was browsing the internet for sewing inspiration, and I came across this cute ruffle skirt. I didn’t follow the exact pattern  because I wanted this to be one of a kind. I hardly feel like I know enough about sewing to be giving anyone a tutorial but I’ll at least show you how I did it. And you can laugh quietly to yourselves.

First choose your fabric and matching thread.

I used one of Gigi’s tank tops that had a stain on it. The tutorial I followed just calls for any jersey fabric. You’ll need to measure how long you want your skirt/dress/top to be.

Then cut it the length you need. Fold the top down (this is shown inside out) and sew with a straight stitch to make a pocket for the elastic. Measure your elastic first to see how much you need to fold.

Decide on how long you want your ruffles to be and figure out how many you’ll need for the length you want. Remember that they overlap about an inch, so keep that in mind when you’re measuring.

I hemmed each of my strips for the ruffles so the ends wouldn’t fray. Next, sew the two ends together to create a circle, or ring of fabric. Then I used a long straight stitch as a basting stitch and sewed the top side of the ruffle strip (don’t sew this step to the actual skirt). Then pull your thread to create the ruffles. For a better tutorial on ruffling, as well as some helpful tips and tricks click here.

Slip the bottom of the shirt/skirt into your ruffled circle and pin where you would like it to lay. Sew it down!

Repeat with the next ruffled strip..

I added some fabric flowers.

I will add some straps.. Heaven forbid we have any baby nip-slips around here! Daddy would have a fit.

Happy Saturday friends!

PS. This was great practice for a super sweet anthropologie knock-off project I’ll be doing very soon!