thrifty thursday

chic white leather bench $15

I’ve been shopping online for a white office chair for an “office” remodel I’m currently working on. (You can check out my inspiration for this project here) I have been waiting to order this one until I was sure it was the right one. Good thing I  waited! This bench is more conducive to the tight space I’m working with, and at $15, a total steal!

new diaper bag $7

If you have a child you know how messy life can get. I’m always tossing fruit and different snacks into Gianna’s bag, and I don’t always remember to take them out. Needless to say she is due for a new diaper bag now that she’s almost a year old. This is actually just an oversized purse I found on a clearance rack, but it’s dark pattern is perfect for masking stains and spills.

thrifty thread less than $.10 each

Found these fabulous spools of thread in the craft been at the thrift store. I would have paid more than $2 per spool at any regular craft store.

ab roller $2

Summer is right around the corner! Tell me that if this was sitting by the couch you wouldn’t be tempted to use it while watching  tv.  It’s little reminders like these that keep me motivated. Click here to see how else I keep in shape.

metallic sandals $3.49

This just might be my best work this week for thrifty Thursday. These were originally $34.99 (and I’m not sure why) but they are the most comfortable flats I own. The last pair on the rack, and in my size, what’s a girl to do?? Throw it in the bag!

Cheap thrills are everywhere! Keep your eyes open, and your wallets FAT!


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