thrifty thursday

I realize my blog has been severely neglected. This past weekend I was honored to be a part of one of my best friend’s wedding. It was so beautiful, and so elegant, and we were able to capture some amazing photos.

the bride and me

Although I’d love to write a post about the wedding alone, I’m sure you all have seen the pictures on my facebook. The reason for this post is the gift I made for her and the groom. I was inspired by this photo I saw, and I knew I had to make it.

vintage buttons $0 (thanks Em)

Start with a color scheme you like. I went for neutrals. I also lined the mat board with burlap for an earthy look.

Line them up to start creating whatever shape it is you’re making. In this case it was a W for their last name.

Burlap from previous TT. $.99

You can start to see the W take shape.

wood frame $3.50

Unfortunately I was so excited to give this to her at her bachelorette party that I ran out the door without taking a final photo of the finished project! I’m kicking myself now. I promise that I’ll bug her for a picture as soon as she gets back from her honeymoon. (I swear it looks a lot better than the last shot)

Until then, just imagine and enjoy the simple beauty of a $5 project. Happy Thrifty Thursday!


One thought on “thrifty thursday

  1. Hey Chels! Interesting that before I saw this awesome project you did for Heidi & hubby, I was thinking about all the buttons I have saved over the years and how you might enjoy them for projects….some pretty cool ones from Jim’s mom. Alot of them came from her years as a seamstress at Silverwoods Dept. Store in L.A. Its especially meaningful because when I was little it was my most favorite thing to play with buttons. We had a neighbor that kept a big jar full and I loved going over there and spilling them out all over the floor….hours of fun. Anyway…like so many things in this house….they are yours if you want them.

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