sewing up a storm.

Today I knew we’d be staying inside because of the stormy weather. I love having an excuse not to get out of my pajamas, however I’m terrible at relaxing! I can’t be not doing anything (does that make sense?). Anyway, although I’m still not dressed, I managed to make a cute little spring top for my little woman.

Last night I was browsing the internet for sewing inspiration, and I came across this cute ruffle skirt. I didn’t follow the exact pattern  because I wanted this to be one of a kind. I hardly feel like I know enough about sewing to be giving anyone a tutorial but I’ll at least show you how I did it. And you can laugh quietly to yourselves.

First choose your fabric and matching thread.

I used one of Gigi’s tank tops that had a stain on it. The tutorial I followed just calls for any jersey fabric. You’ll need to measure how long you want your skirt/dress/top to be.

Then cut it the length you need. Fold the top down (this is shown inside out) and sew with a straight stitch to make a pocket for the elastic. Measure your elastic first to see how much you need to fold.

Decide on how long you want your ruffles to be and figure out how many you’ll need for the length you want. Remember that they overlap about an inch, so keep that in mind when you’re measuring.

I hemmed each of my strips for the ruffles so the ends wouldn’t fray. Next, sew the two ends together to create a circle, or ring of fabric. Then I used a long straight stitch as a basting stitch and sewed the top side of the ruffle strip (don’t sew this step to the actual skirt). Then pull your thread to create the ruffles. For a better tutorial on ruffling, as well as some helpful tips and tricks click here.

Slip the bottom of the shirt/skirt into your ruffled circle and pin where you would like it to lay. Sew it down!

Repeat with the next ruffled strip..

I added some fabric flowers.

I will add some straps.. Heaven forbid we have any baby nip-slips around here! Daddy would have a fit.

Happy Saturday friends!

PS. This was great practice for a super sweet anthropologie knock-off project I’ll be doing very soon!


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