thrifty thursday

I’m kind of addicted to good deals! You would be completely amazed at how much money I save my family on everything from groceries and household items to clothes and baby necessities. Here is a look at what I picked up from CVS yesterday..

Think about how much you might pay for all these items at full price. Now let me tell you what I paid! Are you ready for this?  $4!!  (if you want to know how to do this too, click here) I watched the lady in front of me check out, and she had a handbasket full of items. Her total was $306! It amazes me how much people will spend on basic household items.

aqua harem pants $.49 (yes, 49 cents!)

I realize these pants need to be pressed and hemmed, but I’m thrilled about this find! These are so comfy I can wear them just lounging around the house, yet cute enough to dress up with heels (if you’re into that sort of thing). Here are some other ways to dress up or dress down your harem pants.

And last but certainly not least..

vintage bracelet $0

I paid nada for this beauty because my customer card at one of my favorite thrift stores was filled up, which gives you $5 on a purchase. This bracelet was $4.99 so I got it FREE! I love that word :)

Stay Thrifty My Friends!!


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