diy chevron art

Some of you saw the repurposed chevron canvas project I was working on last night.. Well it’s finished and I’m super excited about it!  My bathroom has been desperately needing a makeover (I really wish I had taken a before picture), and I was able to do just that for the cost of spray paint (which I already had, actually) and some masking tape. Here’s how I did it..

I had an old canvas painting hanging in the potty room that I painted just barely off-white. Then I drew straight lines across the canvas with a light yellow pencil. The point of each zip zag comes to the line to give it a nice even look.

I didn’t measure out each line because nap time was almost over and I wanted to finish! You can’t tell in the end that the zig zags aren’t all exact, but anyway I would recommend measuring all the lines. Once I was all taped up I sprayed the entire canvas gold..

My favorite part! Once it dried, I ripped all the tape off like it was Christmas morning!

And here she is, in all her chevron glory! I also gave the mirror a fresh coat of paint to match. VOILA!


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