4 fancy things

With a million and one things going on at once it’s easy to overlook simple joys. I’m trying my hardest not to do that.. Here are a few of the many many things I am appreciating in my life this week.

new pins

 Who knew we had a Dollar Store in Murphys?? I totally scored today on a quick trip after church. (more to come on thrifty thursday)

handmade vintage birthday banner

I’m totally excited for Gianna’s 1st birthday! I’m making a whole slew of decor, and this is the first finished project. (tutorial coming soon, although it’s pretty self explanitory) My hope is that she’ll hang this every year on her birthday and remember how much her mommy loves her.

diy striped lamp shade

This was one of those crazy/crafty strokes of genius. I had some cut up t-shirt strips leftover from this t-shirt refashion I did a while back. I just slipped them over the lampshade to create this striped look.

sony vaio

My other baby.  I promise to reveal my office/closet remodel on a sunnier day with better lighting.

Now I’m going to relax and enjoy the rest of my Sunday. That’s code for I’ll be crafting my fingers to the bone!


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