office space

Two months ago I saw a picture online of a tiny closet turned into an office. (Here are a few others that are worth a look, too if you’re dealing with a SUPER tiny closet like mine.) Needless to say I was inspired. My husband and I have so many hobbies, and all the other rooms in our house are pretty occupied. We had a tiny hall closet that was filled with mostly misplaced items, so I decided it was just enough space to make this repurposed space work. Here is what it looked like before

a closet full of junk (you know you have one)

This photo was after I’d taken things out and started removing shelves. Here is what it looks like now!

 So much better! Here’s a closer look

It was hard to get a decent shot of the whole space at once because it’s in a hallway. I’m sure you get the idea..  I have a few more additions I’m going to make, but it’s up and running, and I LOVE it!

Happy Tuesday!


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