thrifty thursday

Honestly, I did a happy dance in the car the whole way home after my trip to CVS. If you are still not sold on the idea of spending a little time clipping a few coupons, I hope this post will change you’re mind. I spent about an hour preparing for my trip to the store, and I saved $93 (at cvs and the supermarket). It’s not a bad paying job. Here is what I got.. for  $7 at CVS.

transaction 1

transaction 2

 You can see how much I paid versus how much I saved.  It’s about 87%. To put it into perspective, each item pictured averaged about 11 cents! Here is a link to the 5 short videos I watched to learn how to coupon (they are really short, a few minutes each, you can also check out her website for other frugal finds/ideas at And here is a website that does all the matching up for me!! I use it before every shopping trip. You will start to see savings right away, however it is true that only after about 2 months will you really start to get the AWESOME deals. Stick with it! I want to make it clear that I am nothing like the people on TV. I don’t clip hundreds of the same coupon and stand in line for 3 hours. I have a life! I call it non-extreme couponing. I’ve been doing it for a year and I don’t imagine I’ll stop any time soon.

Some people think being thrifty means skimping on healthy produce items. NO WAY! Just for fun I want to show you what I got at save mart for $53, which will feed my family three meals a day, with plenty left for snacking, for over a week.


I also got a 10lb bag of chicken but it was already put away. I was able to save 42%, which is a bit lower than what I usually shoot for, but you can’t win em all.

new fabric

 On another thrifty note, I picked all these fabrics up for just $1.29! I cannot wait to show you what I did with the pink textured one. Tutorial post coming tuesday, along with the super simple tutorial for these fabric bows I’m making for G’s party..

fabric bow


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