felt fun friday

For all you crafty momma’s out there, here are a few things I’ve been doing with felt lately, as well so some other ideas for upcoming projects!

felt tree scene

I love being able to make my daughter fun and unique toys that keep her brain busy! I have so much felt right now, and I figured it would be great for some artsy sewing for me, and enteratinment for Gigi as well. I cut out this tree and glued it down to a large square of grey felt, and I’m in the process of sewing so many fun little creatures and natur(ey) things for her to decorate it with. So far I’ve only had time to make a few things..

I sewed 3 support rings into the felt to keep it sturdy when it hangs on the wall.

I’m planning on crafting up a couple of these cute owls for her to put in the tree. And I’m also working on these felt magnets for one of her birthday gifts..

felt food

Not done yet, but you get the idea :) She loves magnets, but the ones I have are too small for her to play with so I can’t wait to give her these! I’m also hoping to make a fun felt mobile for my nephew to be! And I know it’s ambitious, I would love to make my other sweet baby nephew Dawson this awesome felt fishing game.. Wish me luck! For more felt fun, try typing felt magnets, felt food, or felt toys into bing and see what you can find!


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