thrifty thursday

Sorry to all my lovely loyal thrifty thursday followers. I just can’t seem to find time to put my bottom into a chair long enough to write a post. Even though I’m midway into about 1000 projects I decided I couldn’t let you all down :) Here’s that adorable pink floor pillow I made for Gianna a while back, and if you’d like to make one as well, visit ApartmentTherapy and view the tuorial. All you need is about a yard of fabric, 2 pillows, velcro, and thread.

If you remember, the pink fabric was a from last week’s thrifty thursday post, and we already had the pillows, so the price of this pillow was about 50 cents!

As you can see, she’s pretty fond of it..

I’ve also been doing some thrifty PAINTING! (which explains the lack of manicure mondays lately) My kitchen was living in 70’s dark wood MESS! This before picture was taken after I had already painted most of the dark dingy cabinets white.

before (don't mind the banner)


kitchen makeover, about $10

The paint was already in the basement and I found brushes and rollers on clearance at ACE. The pattern is actually a stencil of cut up toilet paper rolls! Not sure I’ll keep it forever, but it works for now. Which brings me to my next thrifty treasure..

mud room/laundry room window

talk about re/upcycling

 Yep! That’s a stick! And with a scrap of fabric I had left over from the curtains I’m sewing for the living room! I just cut strips all the way to the seem for the curtain rod and pulled the threads a bit to get the ruffly look. Super flippin thrifty baby :) Oh yea, we painted THAT room as well.

vintage bow ring $1

I happened to pop into the thrift store this week and saw this teeny tiny bow ring staring right at me! I felt like it was God rewarding me for all that hard work, so of course I bought it. What a perfect coincidence right??

And last but not least..

manzanita centerpiece, free


Spring has SPRUNG!

Thanks for your patience my bloggie loves.

Stay Thrifty!


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