thrifty thursday

Every year I tell myself I’m going to save up for Memorial Weekend yard-saling. Well, like always, it didn’t really work out, but I was lucky enough to be working the coffee bar at our church yard sale, and I got some pretty sweet stuff at even sweeter prices! All the items I found were things I had been looking for/wanting for a while, so it felt like a real blessing when it was put right in front of my eyes :) God is good!

planting pots $.25 each

I love the southwestern/chevron design of this pot. What a good find!

This is the first summer I really get to enjoy the beautiful outdoors at my house, even though I’ve been here 2 years already. Being pregnant, and caring for a newborn really don’t allow for much gardening time, but now that little miss is a walking talking toddler, she enjoys it almost as much as I do.

gardening books $.25 each

I seriously paid a dollar for all of these books! If you are curious about what to plant in your climate zone, or which plants do best in pots etc, I highly recommend the Western Garden Book, which you can buy on ebay for about $5.

rake head $0

 If you are a fan of pinterest, you have probably seen a million and one wasy to use this awesome piece of junk! You can see my favorite repurposes for a hard rake here,  here, and here. For now I just stick it on the wall near the front door in an attempt to solve the ongoing “Have you seen my keys?” problem.

southwestern style shirt $.50

God must know about my newfound love of all things southwestern because this little gem was stickin out like a sore thumb, just begging for me to buy it. See more of my southwestern style inspiration here, and here. With all the unwanted items in the world, I find it hard to purchase anything brand new. I love finding unique things at unbeatable prices, and giving them new life and purpose.

Happy hunting my thrifty friends!


easy scallop hem tutorial

Lately I’ve been trying to find cute and easy ways to update or repurpose old clothes I don’t wear any more. I had a nice pair of linen pants that were stained on the bottom where I had walked on them so I decided to turn them into shorts with a simple scallop hem.

As I mentioned, start with a pair of pants and cut them about mid thigh. Then try the pants on and fold them up with the right sides facing each other to your desired length, adding 1/4 inch or so for seam allowance.

These are obviously already sewn, but I just wanted to show you about how long I left the pant leg. Once you have folded the shorts up, find a circular object that you can trace onto the folded portion. I used a glass. The tutorial I followed said to measure the leg diameter and divide that by how many scallops you want, but I’m not a fan of math, or following rules.

Trace with a pencil or fabric marker, it will end up on the inside so it doesn’t matter as long as it doesn’t bleed through. Once you’ve traced all your  scallops (if they don’t line up exactly because you were lazy about the math like I was, make the uneven ones in the crotch, and no one will notice) slowly sew along your line. The more precise you are the better it will look. Duh.

Once you’ve sewn all the way around, carefully snip the excess fabric around your hem. I don’t have a photo of them after I trimmed them, but you get the idea. Then fold your scallops right side out by pushing them out with your fingers. You can press them to get a nice hemline. I also sewed a hemline at about 1/4 inch to give them a finished look.

There you go! Iron and enjoy :)

Just a side note, it’s a little tricky getting both legs to line up exactly so make sure you’re careful (try a pair of pants you won’t mind ruining first, just for practice). I’ll be honest, mine are slightly uneven, but you can’t tell. Good luck, and happy sewing!

diy arhaus ombre necklace

The other day I was sifting through some old jewelry catalogs I had set aside for inspiration, and I opened to a page that I had marked as something that caught my eye..

Cute, right? Then I looked at the price..

Not so cute. Well being the crafty momma that I am, I made this $210 necklace for under $2. And under 2 hours to boot. If you don’t already have all the beading tools and beads you need, this project might cost you around $10-20, but even that’s a steal for what this catalog is charging.

I love the pink beading and originally I was going to just use that color scheme, but I realized a blue spectrum would coordinate with more of my summer clothes, so I went with it.

I also decided to use some extra gold chain I had laying around instead of gold beads. Not only does it still look great, but it cut my project time in half or more. (When you have a walking 1 year old, this is the best option)


lemon drop top

It’s crazy how busy life gets and all of the sudden you realize you haven’t blogged in over a month! We’ve had parents staying for two weeks and we loved every minute of our family time. But now there’s so much to catch you up on.. where to start? This morning I finished up this lovely top I’ve been wanting to make with some super thrifty fabric I bought a while back.

I found the tutorial for this flowy, summery, adorable top on one of my favorite sewing blogs cotton&curls. It’s perfect over a cami or a bathing suit. I think I might have to make about 10 more of these in different colors.