diy arhaus ombre necklace

The other day I was sifting through some old jewelry catalogs I had set aside for inspiration, and I opened to a page that I had marked as something that caught my eye..

Cute, right? Then I looked at the price..

Not so cute. Well being the crafty momma that I am, I made this $210 necklace for under $2. And under 2 hours to boot. If you don’t already have all the beading tools and beads you need, this project might cost you around $10-20, but even that’s a steal for what this catalog is charging.

I love the pink beading and originally I was going to just use that color scheme, but I realized a blue spectrum would coordinate with more of my summer clothes, so I went with it.

I also decided to use some extra gold chain I had laying around instead of gold beads. Not only does it still look great, but it cut my project time in half or more. (When you have a walking 1 year old, this is the best option)



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