thrifty thursday

Every year I tell myself I’m going to save up for Memorial Weekend yard-saling. Well, like always, it didn’t really work out, but I was lucky enough to be working the coffee bar at our church yard sale, and I got some pretty sweet stuff at even sweeter prices! All the items I found were things I had been looking for/wanting for a while, so it felt like a real blessing when it was put right in front of my eyes :) God is good!

planting pots $.25 each

I love the southwestern/chevron design of this pot. What a good find!

This is the first summer I really get to enjoy the beautiful outdoors at my house, even though I’ve been here 2 years already. Being pregnant, and caring for a newborn really don’t allow for much gardening time, but now that little miss is a walking talking toddler, she enjoys it almost as much as I do.

gardening books $.25 each

I seriously paid a dollar for all of these books! If you are curious about what to plant in your climate zone, or which plants do best in pots etc, I highly recommend the Western Garden Book, which you can buy on ebay for about $5.

rake head $0

 If you are a fan of pinterest, you have probably seen a million and one wasy to use this awesome piece of junk! You can see my favorite repurposes for a hard rake here,  here, and here. For now I just stick it on the wall near the front door in an attempt to solve the ongoing “Have you seen my keys?” problem.

southwestern style shirt $.50

God must know about my newfound love of all things southwestern because this little gem was stickin out like a sore thumb, just begging for me to buy it. See more of my southwestern style inspiration here, and here. With all the unwanted items in the world, I find it hard to purchase anything brand new. I love finding unique things at unbeatable prices, and giving them new life and purpose.

Happy hunting my thrifty friends!


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