4 fancy things

Summer makes me feel so full of life. The creative juices have been flowing on the mountain, unfortunately I’ve had little time to document all the new and exciting changes. This past week I’ve been so inspired by nature, and my blooming garden! I’ve been doing research about native plants in my climate, and I’ve picked a few to fill my yard. Here are a few I gathered on our evening walk..

hypericum- st. johnswort

local wildflower bouquet

These are all hardy in my neighborhood, and the violet and white lacey flowers grow wild. The pink flower is an azalia bloom, and the yellow one is from a ground cover I’m currently rooting from cuts. Find out what grows well in your area, and get planting!

Recently I picked up a gallon bag full of those letter magnets at a thrift store. We’ve had fun leaving messages for each other and  just being silly with them. Today’s note is a little reminder for myself ;)

In my house caffeine is a way of life. One of my favorite things about warm weather is iced coffee! In the morning we just brew more than we’ll drink and in the hot afternoon we pour the leftovers on ice with a bit of cream. No barista required. Delicious!

vintage thread

Here is a little preview of what’s going on in my new sewing room! I can’t wait to finish and share all my organization, and decor tips! These spools were my husband’s grandmother’s – she was a professional seamstress, and the quality of this thread is phenomenal. I feel so lucky to inherit these, and to be continuing an old family hobby.

Happy Tuesday friends. Pray that I can keep this up ;)



Hello all my blog loves. Sorry I’ve been so absent on here as of late. We’ve been spending quality family time in the forest with our new camper! I’m also busy moving and setting up my new sewing room (hallelujah!). Anyway, I really hope to find time to share all my recent crafting, sewing, and gardening adventures with you all very soon. I’ll start by sharing one of my latest creations.

Remember that super thrifty southwestern mens shirt I posted a while back for thrifty thursday? Well she got a little makeover.


Remember what it looked like before?


Big and bulky, but full of potential. I didn’t follow any particualr pattern or tutorial, I just knew what I wanted it tolook like. So I chopped the sleeves and ended up with this bright summer top that you can pair with almost anything, and it’s loose enough to wear over any little *bumps* you might encounter :)

Hope you enjoyed this bit of refashion fun. Happy sewing!