moo moo monday (a refashion miracle)

I think I’ve lost track of just how many skirts I’ve made this summer, but this one is my favorite so far. A few days ago some of my girlfriends and I met up at a local thrift sale where all items of clothing were $1.00. They all laughed when I added this oversized granny-esque dress to my pile..


While shopping, I was mostly focused on fabrics and patterns that appealed to me, and not so much on the style of the garment. Needless to say, this wide ensemble showed some real potential. I knew I’d be making a skirt, but it took a bit of time to figure out how and where to start cutting. Finally I just went for it..

TADA! I’m in love! The lesson here is never judge a book, or in this case a moo moo, by it’s cover (or size). Oh, did I mention it only cost me a dollar? ;)

Happy Monday lovers.

I just have to add one more picture.. My new favorite outfit <3


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