thrifty thursday

It is Thursday right? Sometimes I lose track of these things, and in this heat I’m lucky if my brain isn’t completely cooked. Anyhow, I manged to find yet another local rummage sale.. surprise, surprise right? This one was about 5 times bigger than the last, and had such a variety of apparel and knick-knacks. The booths and halls ranged from kids clothes and furniture to antique and rare fishing gear. In fact, it was really quite overwhelming to try and take everything in. Here’s a photo, you probably have seen, of just the kitchen and dining knick knacks and appliances.


Here is one of the 5 or 6 different halls FILLED with unwanted, donated, and in most cases, perfectly good stuff. This is one of the first items I grabbed

wood grain mug $.50

You can never have too many coffee mugs..

plaster owls $.50 each

..or owls. And YAY! I finally got a real tape measure that isn’t completely falling apart (yet)

golden D pin $.25

Pink leather slip-ons $1. 10 on the comfort scale, for sure. There were a few other things I picked up that aren’t pictured, but all in all I spent around $10 bucks and bought a whole slew of stuff I absolutely needed :)

Stay thrifty. –C


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