frugal friday

God provides!

This is the conclusion we keep coming to lately. Between last week’s apple and pear bounty, a new stand-up freezer, a completely wonderful unexpected adoption of 4 hens along with a generously donated hand-crafted coupe, and all the blooming flowers and plants in my yard- and all for absolutely nothing. FREE! I love that word.

A close friend of ours always says life is about relationship(s). We believe building strong relationships, with friends and family, and with God is the key to building a happy and fulfilling life. My husband and I love being involved in our community and meeting new people. We’re always noticing how these relationships not only give us an awesome group of friends, but also some pretty sweet connections to all the things we need in life – everything from chickens to large appliances!

Meet the newest additions to the family! These lovely hens were givin to us by a relatively new friend who had more than he needed. My husband has been giving him meat scraps that he can use, rather than being tossed out as trash. In return, he has been so generous by letting us pick from his plentiful garden. So when he heard we were in the market for chickens, he gave us a few. Bring on the fresh ORGANIC eggs!

The Coupe

And this fine piece of craftsmanship was given to us absolutely free by my boss, who is also a new friend of ours. She needed to get rid of it before a move, and her husband was even kind enough to deliver it right to our doorstep in exchange for a homemade apple pie from our recent pick. It’s funny how things miraculously work out this way time and time again in our lives. A friend had a chicken coupe which needed relocating, and another completely unrelated friend provided the chickens. All in the same day – AMAZING!

And if that wasn’t enough incredible coincidence, the day before she gave us the coupe, I borrowed Mother Earth News magazine from her which is a great gardening, food preservation, and homesteading magazine. I hadn’t even noticed until after we got the chickens all set up that this issue has an entire article on eggs! It’s right there on the cover..

Although it may be a few weeks before the chickens actually lay eggs, we’re excited to have them fresh from our own backyard every day.

And because I hate to leave you hanging on a thrifty Thursday..

custom Jordache work bag $1.99

Poultry seems to be the theme of the week!

Happy Friday everyone, and thank you so much for reading! Love you all.



4 fancy things

Sometimes life seems so hectic, and every time you think things are looking up.. BAM! You’re given another bag of lemons. Lately we’ve been just trying to dodge these little curve balls the best we can, all while keeping our positive spirits in tact! After all, adversity builds character, right? So here are a few things to be thankful for this week..

beautiful blooms

Our next door neighbor moved out a few weeks ago and she was kind enough to let us take some plants from her garden. I’m not sure what this grassy little flower is, but it sits at the bottom of our walkway, and I love how these dainty flowers curl up at night as if they’re tucked in bed for a good night’s sleep and then slowly stretch themselves out again in the morning light. Simply lovely..

venti size butterfly mug

We all know how much I love coffee, and in my opinion you can never have too many coffee cups, but this one is really special. Butterflies are kind of a sacred and spiritual creature in my life, and on an exceptionally emotional day last week I happened upon this mug in a barn full of fun junk for sale. I love when God sends little messages like this..

banana drop cookies

The other day my husband brought home over 10 pounds of over ripe bananas from his store. Given that I’ve made about 4 loaves of my amazing banana bread (I modified this recipe to make it my own) in the last couple weeks, I wanted to make something new and different. I stumbled on these divine drop cookies from Pinterest that were a breeze to whip up. YUM!

september bounty

Whenever we get permission to pick ripe fruit from friends and neighbors I feel so blessed to live in a small town with good people. With over 15 pounds of freshly picked apples and pears, my mind is spinning with recipe ideas like this delectable apple butter, and a canned apple pie filling. I have some thoughts on the pears, but honestly I’ve never really cooked with pears, any ideas out there??

Last but not least, some refridgerator motivation! I need little reminders like this sometimes..

Enjoy your weekend, and stay positive :)

thrifty thursday

So I hope you remember the photo I shared with you of all the fabulous thrift store finds from last weekend. Here is a closer look at what I got..

floral dress $5

I have to admit that at $5 this adorable dress was kind of a splurge for me, but I just couldn’t resist this country looking classic.

silk top $2

I love this top for so many reasons.. First, it’s 100% silk (I think the first I’ve owned). Second, the print is gorgeous. Third, the brand name of this shirt is True Grit, which in my mind, is awesome. And fourth, because it was $2. Enough said.

homemade Indian dress $4.99

I know you are probably thinking at this point that I might have gone a bit mad, but just look at the potential

The patterns and colors are BEAUTIFUL, and it’s one of a kind. Here is what I’m thinking..

A skirt!

A girl can never have too many skirts, especially long ones you can wear year round.

geometric grandpa sweater $2.50

Pair this super warm cardigan with your favorite wide-frame nerd glasses and you are set! (yes, I just said that)

polyester blazer $.79

To me this doesn’t look all that great, but trying it on definitely sealed the deal. Fits perfectly and at $.79 it was a steal. I look forward to customizing this super versatile jacket.

Bloomingdales heavy knit cardigan $2.50

There is only one word to describe this sweater, and that is amazing. It’s simple, warm and comfortable, and I love the detailing on the sleeves.

moccasin boots $2.99

And last but not least are these little gems that I’m sure you’ve already fallen in love with from last week’s post. Sorry my friends, they’re spoken for :)

P.S. If you are reading this and it’s still Thursday, you are AWESOME!

Stay thrifty my friends.


leggings for days

If you are my friend on facebook or you follow me on instagram, you might remember the beautiful southwestern print fabric I posted asking for votes on what to make with it. Well, I’m sorry to ALL of you who voted because I didn’t make a mini (which won by a landslide btw), but I didn’t make a maxi either. In true Chelsea fashion, I decided last minute to change my mind. (And Melissa I’m sorry, but I still have your measurements, so be expecting a fancy gift sometime in the near future :)

Being that it is almost fall, I felt it more appropriate to make a comfy pair of leggings, which is a staple in my closet all year long. Unfortunately most of the ones I own are black and gray, so in keeping with my colorful fall theme I decided I needed a bright spunky pair.

I’m in love! (I know you hear that a lot from me about the things I make, but this time it’s serious) I have to admit I got the idea from Pinterest, because when I saw these super cute leggings I knew it would be impossible to find them where I live, so this print was perfect for the occasion. I just traced the seems of some that I already had and laid it onto the fabric- it was surprisingly easy! I even made a cute and comfy foldover waistband..

And I can’t wait to wear them with these AMAZING moccasin style boots I got, which are a sneak peak of my next Thrifty Thursday. You know how I love little teasers like that <3

Well there you have it! Can’t wait to make more in all different colors and patterns..

Have an idea of something you think I should make? Send me a photo, or just a description!

Thanks for reading, Happy Saturday!

friday fabrics

Fall is almost here, and a season change is always a great reason to buy or make new clothes. I love how the cooler weather allows me to experiment with layering different textures and patterns all while looking fabulous and staying nice and warm. Every year I have a tendency to to add more browns, taupes, grays, and blacks into my fall wardrobe, but this year I’m making a point to keep lots of beautiful colors and prints a mainstay throughout the colder months.

The brighter side of autumn..

These are just a few of the great pieces I found at the thrift store, which I will share with you in full detail next Thrifty Thursday. I apologize in advance for the jealousy you are inevitably going to feel.

When the weather starts to change, my wardrobe isn’t the only thing I like to makeover, it seems as if the entire house undergoes a bit of a transformation.

It seems like there is always room for improvement in my bedroom. I’ve been eyeing this textured bedspread at the thrift store for over 6 months, and at 2.99, I commend myself for the self-control I demonstrated in not buying it the first time around. I love the look and feel of a clean white bed, and the texture of this blanket gives a classic look a touch of modern edge, and interest. I also picked up these two beautiful blankets for the foot of the bed at about $2 a piece.

I’ve been looking for a mexican blanket for a while, and this one is amazingl! I added the yellow for an extra pop, and a bit of fall color. I had actually planned to make all new pillow cases and shams, but my busy schedule lately has hindered my design endeavors, so new blankets were the perfect quick fix for a bedroom facelift.

 After all that, I still wanted MORE! Here are some fabrics I also grabbed from another thrift store a couple weeks ago. I’m hoping that leaving them out on the sewing table will give me some inspiration to rekindle my relationship with a needle and thread.

black and yellow flannel, silk print, and gray wool

Happy Friday Friends!

Love you all.

Remember to check back on Thursday for one of my best TT’s yet..