friday fabrics

Fall is almost here, and a season change is always a great reason to buy or make new clothes. I love how the cooler weather allows me to experiment with layering different textures and patterns all while looking fabulous and staying nice and warm. Every year I have a tendency to to add more browns, taupes, grays, and blacks into my fall wardrobe, but this year I’m making a point to keep lots of beautiful colors and prints a mainstay throughout the colder months.

The brighter side of autumn..

These are just a few of the great pieces I found at the thrift store, which I will share with you in full detail next Thrifty Thursday. I apologize in advance for the jealousy you are inevitably going to feel.

When the weather starts to change, my wardrobe isn’t the only thing I like to makeover, it seems as if the entire house undergoes a bit of a transformation.

It seems like there is always room for improvement in my bedroom. I’ve been eyeing this textured bedspread at the thrift store for over 6 months, and at 2.99, I commend myself for the self-control I demonstrated in not buying it the first time around. I love the look and feel of a clean white bed, and the texture of this blanket gives a classic look a touch of modern edge, and interest. I also picked up these two beautiful blankets for the foot of the bed at about $2 a piece.

I’ve been looking for a mexican blanket for a while, and this one is amazingl! I added the yellow for an extra pop, and a bit of fall color. I had actually planned to make all new pillow cases and shams, but my busy schedule lately has hindered my design endeavors, so new blankets were the perfect quick fix for a bedroom facelift.

 After all that, I still wanted MORE! Here are some fabrics I also grabbed from another thrift store a couple weeks ago. I’m hoping that leaving them out on the sewing table will give me some inspiration to rekindle my relationship with a needle and thread.

black and yellow flannel, silk print, and gray wool

Happy Friday Friends!

Love you all.

Remember to check back on Thursday for one of my best TT’s yet..


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