4 fancy things

Sometimes life seems so hectic, and every time you think things are looking up.. BAM! You’re given another bag of lemons. Lately we’ve been just trying to dodge these little curve balls the best we can, all while keeping our positive spirits in tact! After all, adversity builds character, right? So here are a few things to be thankful for this week..

beautiful blooms

Our next door neighbor moved out a few weeks ago and she was kind enough to let us take some plants from her garden. I’m not sure what this grassy little flower is, but it sits at the bottom of our walkway, and I love how these dainty flowers curl up at night as if they’re tucked in bed for a good night’s sleep and then slowly stretch themselves out again in the morning light. Simply lovely..

venti size butterfly mug

We all know how much I love coffee, and in my opinion you can never have too many coffee cups, but this one is really special. Butterflies are kind of a sacred and spiritual creature in my life, and on an exceptionally emotional day last week I happened upon this mug in a barn full of fun junk for sale. I love when God sends little messages like this..

banana drop cookies

The other day my husband brought home over 10 pounds of over ripe bananas from his store. Given that I’ve made about 4 loaves of my amazing banana bread (I modified this recipe to make it my own) in the last couple weeks, I wanted to make something new and different. I stumbled on these divine drop cookies from Pinterest that were a breeze to whip up. YUM!

september bounty

Whenever we get permission to pick ripe fruit from friends and neighbors I feel so blessed to live in a small town with good people. With over 15 pounds of freshly picked apples and pears, my mind is spinning with recipe ideas like this delectable apple butter, and a canned apple pie filling. I have some thoughts on the pears, but honestly I’ve never really cooked with pears, any ideas out there??

Last but not least, some refridgerator motivation! I need little reminders like this sometimes..

Enjoy your weekend, and stay positive :)


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