frugal friday

God provides!

This is the conclusion we keep coming to lately. Between last week’s apple and pear bounty, a new stand-up freezer, a completely wonderful unexpected adoption of 4 hens along with a generously donated hand-crafted coupe, and all the blooming flowers and plants in my yard- and all for absolutely nothing. FREE! I love that word.

A close friend of ours always says life is about relationship(s). We believe building strong relationships, with friends and family, and with God is the key to building a happy and fulfilling life. My husband and I love being involved in our community and meeting new people. We’re always noticing how these relationships not only give us an awesome group of friends, but also some pretty sweet connections to all the things we need in life – everything from chickens to large appliances!

Meet the newest additions to the family! These lovely hens were givin to us by a relatively new friend who had more than he needed. My husband has been giving him meat scraps that he can use, rather than being tossed out as trash. In return, he has been so generous by letting us pick from his plentiful garden. So when he heard we were in the market for chickens, he gave us a few. Bring on the fresh ORGANIC eggs!

The Coupe

And this fine piece of craftsmanship was given to us absolutely free by my boss, who is also a new friend of ours. She needed to get rid of it before a move, and her husband was even kind enough to deliver it right to our doorstep in exchange for a homemade apple pie from our recent pick. It’s funny how things miraculously work out this way time and time again in our lives. A friend had a chicken coupe which needed relocating, and another completely unrelated friend provided the chickens. All in the same day – AMAZING!

And if that wasn’t enough incredible coincidence, the day before she gave us the coupe, I borrowed Mother Earth News magazine from her which is a great gardening, food preservation, and homesteading magazine. I hadn’t even noticed until after we got the chickens all set up that this issue has an entire article on eggs! It’s right there on the cover..

Although it may be a few weeks before the chickens actually lay eggs, we’re excited to have them fresh from our own backyard every day.

And because I hate to leave you hanging on a thrifty Thursday..

custom Jordache work bag $1.99

Poultry seems to be the theme of the week!

Happy Friday everyone, and thank you so much for reading! Love you all.



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