frugal friday

I know, I know! I’m kind of a slacker.. but here are some treats for you that hopefully make up for it.

Liz Claiborne leather bag – $4

Oh man! I could not believe this was only four dollars. She is so beautiful..

commercial pickle jars – free from my husband’s work

marble top jar – $1.29

I kind of have a thing for jars lately. They’re just so useful.

set of 4 espresso mini mugs – a gift from my lovely friend Sarah (but just for fun I want to add that they were $.25 each)

It’s really quite amazing how things work out in life.. A couple weeks ago I told my husband I really missed our old espresso machine, and having a cup of something a little fancier than drip coffee every morning. Being a thrifty, girl it’s hard for me to allow myself to spend full price for a new machine, so when I saw a Krups Espresso and Coffee duo at the Hospice for $5.25 you better believe I grabbed it right up! A little vinegar bath and she’s good as new! I can’t wait to be sipping a nice warm mocha and watching the leaves fall on my deck.

Silver and twine lamp – $2.25

I’ve been on the lookout for a lamp for some time now, and I’m glad I waited! This thrift store lamp is so pretty just the way it is, I don’t even want to give it a makeover.. yet.

Well there you have it folks.. some thrifty inspiration for your fall weekend.

Thanks Jaime for bugging me to get this done :)


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