the hunter’s wife

Some of you may know that fall is deer season. Though my husband is the one doing all the hunting, I’m taking full advantage of all the rustic decor possibilities that mother nature has to offer.. as well as the delicious organic venison.

deer antler jewelry display

Now don’t go all PETA on me please! Hunting wild game is far more humane than massive commercial slaughter houses, or gassing whole heards and flocks of animals to death. (That’s all I will say on the matter :) And on that note, I will say that I cannot wit ’til our bear skin rug is finished!

log pine bed

Fall is also wood cutting season, and this year we were lucky enough to get this beautifully handcrafted log bed. And for an amazing deal, I might add.

bullet belt

I saw this belt during my weekly thrift store visit, and it reminded me of bullet shells, which reminded me of my husband. What’s a good hunter’s wife without a belt made of brass?

And being that I’ve become quite the homesteading houseiwfe as of lately, I thought I’d share with you some of the best pepper jelly I’ve tasted, and it came right out of my very own kitchen!

My oh my! This stuff is tasty.. As I’ve mentioned many times, we have been so blessed this year and were able to pick from a friend’s garden whenever we wanted. One of his prize crops is peppers! All kinds of peppers. Since it’s getting close to the holidays, and canned goods make such great gifts, I decided to give homemade pepperjelly a go. I found a super simple recipe and gave it a try, and it is to die for!

Cheers! And Happy Friday Y’all!

(the Y’all was a joke..)


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