refashion, reduce, reuse

I love turning outdated clothing into something I’d actually wear. It makes me feel so good knowing I can make a $1 pair of pants look like I paid much much more (not that I care about the price, in fact, the cheaper the better). There is just something SO ridiculous and sad about spending tons of money on clothes when you can get most of the same stuff at a fraction of a fraction of the cost. Anyway, I’m sure my husband doesn’t mind  that a $10 thrift store run is to me what a Black Card shopping spree is to most women.

Here are two pieces that I recreated to give them a bit of new life..

cream cotton spandex courdoroy pant

These pants were about 2 sizes too big, but I had other ideas in mind to make them fit. I sewed the inseam and crotch about 2 inches on either side and voila!

stretch courdoroy skinnies

A brand new pair of ‘in style’ pants. I’m really not sure what’s considered in style, but I’d wear these and that’s all that matters. And for my next trick..

cotton grey jacket

This cozy sweater like jacket was also much too big and I wasn’t a fan of the double button style, so I just took my scissors to it and I have to say I’m impressed with how it turned out..

refashioned blazer

I love it! What do you think, yay or nay?

Having a sewing machine and an eye for recreating really opens up a whole world of possibilities for fashion. Have any ideas?? I’d love to to hear!

Enjoy your weekend friends.


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