Lovely Layers

DIY : Layered Haircut

ImageLet me start by being totally honest.. The last time I had my hair professionally cut and colored was before I was a mother – which is almost 3 years ago now. So as you can imagine, by now my hair is pretty long, and also long overdue for some attention.

As you know I like to pay for as little as possible, so I set out to find a DIY cut that wouldn’t end in disaster.

Here is the awesome tutorial I found on Pinterest that can be achieved in a few simple steps with a fairly inexpensive pair of sheers. I did a combination of the #2 and #3 cut. For the first cut I did exactly as she described in step #2, and for #3 I divided my hair into a “half up half down” pony tail and secured it at the hairline as shown in the tutorial.

Each time I cut my pony tail I also cut into my ends vertically to give my layers a bit more texture instead of one blunt line.


{face framing layers}

The results were fabulous! If you are looking for an easy way to give yourself a haircut without any regrets, I recommend this method.

Happy Sunday!


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