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I am the Lady on the Mountain

Here is the blog I promised you all –  a compilation of all the little things in life that make me happy. I love giving new life to old stuff and finding neat ways to simplify the chaos of being a wife and mother. My blogging inspiration comes from just about everywhere: crafts, jewelry, food, beauty, organizing, decorating, fashion and so much more. Check out my blog to see more.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. All these beautiful and creative things that reflect your interest and gifts….but I will post what I know beyond all that….your heart…rich and full with the love of God and the love for others..especially me – the mother-in-law who is so blessed to have you in our family. And thank you for our precious Gianna – a beautiful combination of both of you.

  2. You’re adorable Chels! I think it’s wonderful that you are taking what you enjoy doing and running with it here! Safer than running with scissors and far more productive. After having lived with you, Derek, and Gianna for a few weeks I have witnessed the love you have for these new DIY creations (Pinterest), but also how this is only a side project to being a caring mother to an absolutely beautiful girl as well as a loving wife. How you are able to find the time is beyond me; Derek is a lucky man! Keep on keeping on here Chelsea and we’ll catch you soon!

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