Thrifty Thursday

2014-03-05 17.36.56

ceramic vase $2

My collection of flower vases was lacking variety, and by that I mean that they are all those cheap glass bubble kind, so when I spotted this minty colored beauty there was no hesitation.

2014-03-05 15.28.02

I love the crackled look that you can only see if you get up close and personal. After I finished my thriftcapades, I headed next door to the market for some fresh cut blooms..

2014-03-05 17.38.31

Happy first day of Spring!

Check back tomorrow for the finished refashioned dress I posted a few weeks back.


20 Minute Pillow Case Tutorial

So I have to apologize for my little blogging hiatus. I really have no excuse except that life is busy! Although I’ve been MIA these past few weeks, the up side is that I’ve completed some fun little projects and stock piled all my photos so that eventually I could share them all with you.

As you may know, one way to spruce up a room in a pinch is to add a few pillows that pop. Accent pillows can be pretty pricy if you buy them in a department store, so my advice is to create your own (it’s much more rewarding that way right?) I’m still learning the best ways to explain how I make the things I do, because mostly I just make it up as I go. So I’ve put together this quick tutorial to hopefully get you started, or at least inspired, to add a bit of style to any room with some fun pillows. Here goes..2014-03-10 10.13.24First- measure the height and width of your pillow. Add 1 inch to the height for seam allowance and 5 or 6 inches to the width for seam allowance and for the overlap part of the pillow case where you will insert your pillow (hopefully the pictures will help you out, like I said, I’m new to this explaining how I do things.. thing) My pillow was a perfect square so it was 21 inches tall and 42 inches all the way around.

measurementsOnce you’ve cut your fabric, fold the two short ends to make your hem, and sew.

2014-02-28 12.21.18Once your ends are hemmed, fold the two sides inward with the right sides of the fabric facing each other, with one side overlapping the other by several inches until the width of your fabric is the right width of your pillow. (If this is confusing I’m sorry!) It took a bit of playing around with it to get the overlap part just right, and in the middle where it should be. Once you’ve got it, pin it in place and sew the top and bottom seams.

2014-02-28 12.25.48Flip it right side out and use your fingers to poke out the corners and VOILA! A brand new pillow case!

2014-03-05 15.16.36Isn’t she lovely? And thrifty at that, I got this fabric for $3.

And pssst.. this is one of my finished dining chairs I’ve been slaving over for much longer than I’d anticipated. I’m hoping to have them finished soon so I can share the before and after transformation.

2014-03-01 10.40.36For now these little beauties are resting on our bed.

Hope you liked my tutorial. Happy Monday Y’all.

DIY: Valentines Day

Why is it that I always wait until the last minute to get excited about Valentine’s Day? We hadn’t even given it any thought until about.. today. So in an attempt to make our almost forgotten holiday a tad more exciting Gigi and I (but mostly just I) had a craft day to make some V-Day decor with supplies we already had on hand. Here’s what we used..

2014-02-11 12.11.18


A few sticks we hunted down outside. Appropriately colored yarn. Some chicken feathers I collected and washed last year from our hens (may they rest in peace). And hearts cut out of construction paper.

2014-02-11 13.51.28

Cupid’s Arrows

2014-02-11 11.01.58These are simple to make and so cute. Check out a few different styles I found while browsing for ideas.

While we were on the theme of paper hearts and tree branches, I had another idea that I wanted to try, so we picked up a Manzanita branch from our backyard.

2014-02-11 14.09.59These are tissue paper hearts glued onto the tips of the branches.
SO easy! Next year I’m going to get a head start on Valentine’s day because the possibilities are seriously endless.

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Happy Valentine’s loves.

Scriptures on Sunday: DIY Daily Verse

DIY Daily Bible Verse Board

2014-02-08 21.54.47{vintage picture frame + spray paint = dry erase board}

I love meditating on a verse that stands out to me from my morning reading. This simple ‘dry erase board’ makes it easy for me to change the text daily and stay focused on His word.

The options are endless with this project.. you can leave the glass by itself as I did, or you can put some pretty paper behind it. Get creative with different verses and fonts, too.

Everyone has heard this Psalm before, but I tried to put a little twist on it by emphasizing certain words. If you look at only the larger bold words it reads ‘The Lord desires your heart’ which is an underlying message hidden in the verse. Pretty cool right?

Happy Sunday. God Bless!

girly details

Something about the start of a new year inspires me to change things up a bit. To me, things are always so much more interesting when they are new.

I’ve been planning to re do/organize/arrange/style… the girls’ room for a while because it won’t be long until Gigi and Camilla become roommates. You can check out the pinterest board I made specifically for design inspiration here, as well as other fun toddler things. Since Gianna loves Disney and all things princess we decided that would be the ‘theme’. I use that term lightly because I hate “themed” bedrooms like this one, and other hideous nightmares like this.

This is definitely a work in progress but I just can’t wait until I’m done to share some of these goodies.

princess bedThis is an early 1920’s vintage brass canopy bed, and it is beyond gorgeous.

nightstandIf you give a girl a princess bed, you know she’s going to want a princess nightstand to go with it.

2014-02-03 17.06.15Tinkerbell sketch.

2014-02-03 16.04.50And what princess room would be complete without a gourmet kitchen and an espresso machine?

Thanks for stopping by! Come back soon to check out the finished project.

Mini Kitchen Makeover

My hubby and I have decided to completely remodel the kitchen. We have also come to the conclusion that the bulk of the project (getting some new appliances) just isn’t in the budget quite yet. That being said, there is no reason why we can’t make a few minor changes that allow us to enjoy the kitchen we have now while we wait for the kitchen of our dreams.

With some linen fabric I found at a rummage sale for just 25 cents and a small can of black paint I was able to transform one small area with big results..

 kitchen window before

I knew I wanted a cute window treatment so I browsed Pinterest to get some ideas. Here is one photo that inspired my design, and another gorgeous kitchen with a similar curtain. And here’s what I came up with..

Kitchen window after

It took just an hour or so to put together, and a few coats of black paint on the window sill. Now I just need to figure out what I’m going to do about our cute little builder grade lights..

Until next time :)

Scriptures on Sunday

You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might. These words, which I am commanding you today, shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your sons and shall talk of them when you sit in your house.. when you lie down and when you rise up. You shall bind them as a sign on your hand and they shall be as frontals on your forehead. You shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates.

Deuteronomy 6:5-9

I can honestly say I’m a child of God and a lover of Christ, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t need (yes NEED) constant reminding of the promises of God. I love that the bible commands us to leave spiritual “post its” around our homes so that we may always have our focus on Him!

Being the thrifty woman that I am I decided that I wanted this project to be as cheap to accomplish as possible, and as it turns out, it was free! Here’s how I did it with only a computer, a pencil, and a sharpie..

ImageFind the fonts you like and type out your verses in super large text. Tape a piece of paper over your computer screen and trace the lettering with a pencil.

ImageTurn your paper over and cover all your lettering with pencil. The more pencil you apply the better your letters will show up on your wall/canvas or whatever you’re using..

ImageTape them to your surface, in my case it was the wall above our bedroom door. Trace over your letters firmly with a pencil to transfer the pencil from the back of the paper onto the surface. After you remove the paper, you should be left with a light outline of all your letters/words and now you can either paint or sharpie in the lines to make it stand out..


Lamentations 3:23

I love this verse over our bedroom door. Every day when I wake up it’s there to remind me that I am a new person in Christ every day no matter what mistakes I’ve made in the past, or even just yesterday. Today is a new day with new mercies!

Happy Sunday everyone! God Bless.