girly details

Something about the start of a new year inspires me to change things up a bit. To me, things are always so much more interesting when they are new.

I’ve been planning to re do/organize/arrange/style… the girls’ room for a while because it won’t be long until Gigi and Camilla become roommates. You can check out the pinterest board I made specifically for design inspiration here, as well as other fun toddler things. Since Gianna loves Disney and all things princess we decided that would be the ‘theme’. I use that term lightly because I hate “themed” bedrooms like this one, and other hideous nightmares like this.

This is definitely a work in progress but I just can’t wait until I’m done to share some of these goodies.

princess bedThis is an early 1920’s vintage brass canopy bed, and it is beyond gorgeous.

nightstandIf you give a girl a princess bed, you know she’s going to want a princess nightstand to go with it.

2014-02-03 17.06.15Tinkerbell sketch.

2014-02-03 16.04.50And what princess room would be complete without a gourmet kitchen and an espresso machine?

Thanks for stopping by! Come back soon to check out the finished project.