thrifty accessories

Can you believe that I haven’t been thrift store shopping in over 3 weeks? I can’t- but luckily I’ve been hoarding thrifty photos of previous items that I’ve never shared with you. Here are a few archived goodies for you all.

coldwater creek leather shoulder purse $4.50

And when I got home I discovered a fine little detail that really makes this purse functional..

built in wallet

And another piece I’ve added to the fall wardrobe..

My good friend was kind enough to give me a piece of this beautiful fabric, and I knew exactly what I was going to do with it. You can never have too many scarfs.

I can wear it double wrapped like this, or as a longer infinity scarf.. perfect!

Happy Friday.. Stay thrifty ;)


manicure monday

I’m guessing it’s been about 3 months since I actually painted all ten of my nails. I’ve been in a nude nail rut that I just can’t seem to shake. Being that it is October, and a few weeks from Halloween I thought black would be appropriate, but a plain black manicure is sometimes boring and a bit overplayed. Here’s what I came up with to spice things up a little..

black and bronze

This is my October version of a reverse manicure. Just plain black and Revlon’s limited edition Copper Gleam. It’s several years old so I’m almost certain it isn’t avilable, but another color would work just fine.

I’d love to see your Halloween/Fall manicures!

manicure monday

Feeling bubbly..

This week I have SO many projects going on. G’s birthday is a month away, and the to-do list keeps growing. That being said, I needed a manicure that was easy and able to hide chips and cracks (which I already have). Here’s to thinking outside the box.. or bubble.

Base coat: Confetti, Pink Paradise. Bubbles: Wet n Wild, 2% Milk.

PS. Hoping to do a post reveal of my closet/office this week. Just waiting on the new computer!

fashion friday (this is coincidence I swear)

Let’s face it, it’s hardly possible to look amazing all the time when you have a 10 month old daughter. There are days I don’t even really get dressed. (Don’t act like you’ve never been there) But once in a while, I like to make an appearance sans formula stains. Today we’re actually going to be seen in several public places so I decided to make myself presentable, but practical..

the undone bun - a mommy staple

No one needs an introduction for this tried and true hairstyle. I just get my ponytail high on my head and pull hair only part way through the elastic a few times. Next, I pull my hair slightly out of the elastic towards my face so it doesn’t look tight (this gives it the “messy” look. Pull a few whispy pieces out and you’re good to go! When I have a bit more time for styling, I often do this bun, which will also give you gorgeous waves.

that girl has no feet

Michael Kors button down shirt. Jessica Simpson (dare I say it) jeggings. Vintage metal clutch.. and

..those Jessica Simpson wedges I shared with you here. Honestly though, I’ll probably switch to flats before we go out. How ridiculous is it to watch a woman carrying a baby in heels? Really people.

manicure monday

I swore I would only do one weekday theme topic but really I can’t pass up an excuse to paint my nails. This week I kept a bit of pink because we all know what tomorrow is.  but because it’s so light and geometric it is feeling super springy (isn’t that fun to say?)

i'm a bit obsessed with chevron everything

I’m also digging this chevron design, as well as this metallic version. I’m always looking for new nail inspiration. Share yours with me.

Happy Monday!

manicure love

nothing says I love you like valentine’s day nails. here’s what I came up with

the middle one is kinda iffy. what do you think?

it’s amazing that I’m able to sit on my deck in the sun and paint my nails in February – and in shorts. I’m absolutely loving this winter! I’m also loving this  heart day mani in non traditional pastels. And if I had a ridiculous amount of time to do my nails I would try this! AMAZING right?