Thrifty Thursday

2014-03-05 17.36.56

ceramic vase $2

My collection of flower vases was lacking variety, and by that I mean that they are all those cheap glass bubble kind, so when I spotted this minty colored beauty there was no hesitation.

2014-03-05 15.28.02

I love the crackled look that you can only see if you get up close and personal. After I finished my thriftcapades, I headed next door to the market for some fresh cut blooms..

2014-03-05 17.38.31

Happy first day of Spring!

Check back tomorrow for the finished refashioned dress I posted a few weeks back.


thrifty thursday

I have to admit that I’ve had these hidden gems in my sewing closet for a while now with the intentions of refashioning them, but I’ve been going back and forth about what to do with each one.

2014-01-23 12.28.47You wouldn’t know by looking, but this dress is an XL and I’m willing to bet I could fit a few of my friends in it with me :) So it was definitely worth the $5 for this awesome fabric. I’m thinking a cute tank dress similar in cut and style to this Mara Hoffman dress from

2014-02-06 10.24.53And for this monstrosity, I’m thinking a really trendy clown suit. I could pull that off. OK maybe I’m losing it, but I really see some potential in this $3 jumbo polka dot collared shirt. I have 2 ideas in mind:

1. shorts for Gigi

polka shortsor 2. A skirt for me

polka skirtI’m terrible at making decisions so we shall see what really happens with my thrifty finds, but I love getting my creative buzz on in the mean time.

Happy Thursday my loves.

thrifty thursday: camo & lace

2014-01-28 14.17.05

Volcom camo jacket – $7 on eBay

Gray tee with hem detail – $3 at a local thrift store

Leopard print flats – $11 from Freestyle (my favorite consignment store in Sac)

2014-01-28 14.25.08Brown leather Liz Claiborne bag – $4 from the thrift store

A super cute (and mommy friendly) outfit for under $30 – Priceless

thrifty thursday

Being a mother of two small children makes it somewhat difficult for me to make quick trips to well, anywhere. One of the things I miss most about my pre-mother life is just being able to hop in the car and go! Even though life takes a bit more planning these days, I wouldn’t trade it for the world! So some days when Lover gets home I pretend I’m young and free again and I grab the keys and head to my favorite getaway – the THRIFT store! Here is what I found this week..



Cute, huh? I thought so..


Gigi photo bomb!

I don’t always wear sunglasses, but when I do, they’re from the thrift store.

Stay thrifty my friends!

thrifty accessories

Can you believe that I haven’t been thrift store shopping in over 3 weeks? I can’t- but luckily I’ve been hoarding thrifty photos of previous items that I’ve never shared with you. Here are a few archived goodies for you all.

coldwater creek leather shoulder purse $4.50

And when I got home I discovered a fine little detail that really makes this purse functional..

built in wallet

And another piece I’ve added to the fall wardrobe..

My good friend was kind enough to give me a piece of this beautiful fabric, and I knew exactly what I was going to do with it. You can never have too many scarfs.

I can wear it double wrapped like this, or as a longer infinity scarf.. perfect!

Happy Friday.. Stay thrifty ;)

refashion, reduce, reuse

I love turning outdated clothing into something I’d actually wear. It makes me feel so good knowing I can make a $1 pair of pants look like I paid much much more (not that I care about the price, in fact, the cheaper the better). There is just something SO ridiculous and sad about spending tons of money on clothes when you can get most of the same stuff at a fraction of a fraction of the cost. Anyway, I’m sure my husband doesn’t mind  that a $10 thrift store run is to me what a Black Card shopping spree is to most women.

Here are two pieces that I recreated to give them a bit of new life..

cream cotton spandex courdoroy pant

These pants were about 2 sizes too big, but I had other ideas in mind to make them fit. I sewed the inseam and crotch about 2 inches on either side and voila!

stretch courdoroy skinnies

A brand new pair of ‘in style’ pants. I’m really not sure what’s considered in style, but I’d wear these and that’s all that matters. And for my next trick..

cotton grey jacket

This cozy sweater like jacket was also much too big and I wasn’t a fan of the double button style, so I just took my scissors to it and I have to say I’m impressed with how it turned out..

refashioned blazer

I love it! What do you think, yay or nay?

Having a sewing machine and an eye for recreating really opens up a whole world of possibilities for fashion. Have any ideas?? I’d love to to hear!

Enjoy your weekend friends.

frugal friday

I know, I know! I’m kind of a slacker.. but here are some treats for you that hopefully make up for it.

Liz Claiborne leather bag – $4

Oh man! I could not believe this was only four dollars. She is so beautiful..

commercial pickle jars – free from my husband’s work

marble top jar – $1.29

I kind of have a thing for jars lately. They’re just so useful.

set of 4 espresso mini mugs – a gift from my lovely friend Sarah (but just for fun I want to add that they were $.25 each)

It’s really quite amazing how things work out in life.. A couple weeks ago I told my husband I really missed our old espresso machine, and having a cup of something a little fancier than drip coffee every morning. Being a thrifty, girl it’s hard for me to allow myself to spend full price for a new machine, so when I saw a Krups Espresso and Coffee duo at the Hospice for $5.25 you better believe I grabbed it right up! A little vinegar bath and she’s good as new! I can’t wait to be sipping a nice warm mocha and watching the leaves fall on my deck.

Silver and twine lamp – $2.25

I’ve been on the lookout for a lamp for some time now, and I’m glad I waited! This thrift store lamp is so pretty just the way it is, I don’t even want to give it a makeover.. yet.

Well there you have it folks.. some thrifty inspiration for your fall weekend.

Thanks Jaime for bugging me to get this done :)