Thrifty Thursday

2014-03-05 17.36.56

ceramic vase $2

My collection of flower vases was lacking variety, and by that I mean that they are all those cheap glass bubble kind, so when I spotted this minty colored beauty there was no hesitation.

2014-03-05 15.28.02

I love the crackled look that you can only see if you get up close and personal. After I finished my thriftcapades, I headed next door to the market for some fresh cut blooms..

2014-03-05 17.38.31

Happy first day of Spring!

Check back tomorrow for the finished refashioned dress I posted a few weeks back.


thrifty thursday

I have to admit that I’ve had these hidden gems in my sewing closet for a while now with the intentions of refashioning them, but I’ve been going back and forth about what to do with each one.

2014-01-23 12.28.47You wouldn’t know by looking, but this dress is an XL and I’m willing to bet I could fit a few of my friends in it with me :) So it was definitely worth the $5 for this awesome fabric. I’m thinking a cute tank dress similar in cut and style to this Mara Hoffman dress from

2014-02-06 10.24.53And for this monstrosity, I’m thinking a really trendy clown suit. I could pull that off. OK maybe I’m losing it, but I really see some potential in this $3 jumbo polka dot collared shirt. I have 2 ideas in mind:

1. shorts for Gigi

polka shortsor 2. A skirt for me

polka skirtI’m terrible at making decisions so we shall see what really happens with my thrifty finds, but I love getting my creative buzz on in the mean time.

Happy Thursday my loves.

thrifty thursday: camo & lace

2014-01-28 14.17.05

Volcom camo jacket – $7 on eBay

Gray tee with hem detail – $3 at a local thrift store

Leopard print flats – $11 from Freestyle (my favorite consignment store in Sac)

2014-01-28 14.25.08Brown leather Liz Claiborne bag – $4 from the thrift store

A super cute (and mommy friendly) outfit for under $30 – Priceless

thrifty thursday

So I hope you remember the photo I shared with you of all the fabulous thrift store finds from last weekend. Here is a closer look at what I got..

floral dress $5

I have to admit that at $5 this adorable dress was kind of a splurge for me, but I just couldn’t resist this country looking classic.

silk top $2

I love this top for so many reasons.. First, it’s 100% silk (I think the first I’ve owned). Second, the print is gorgeous. Third, the brand name of this shirt is True Grit, which in my mind, is awesome. And fourth, because it was $2. Enough said.

homemade Indian dress $4.99

I know you are probably thinking at this point that I might have gone a bit mad, but just look at the potential

The patterns and colors are BEAUTIFUL, and it’s one of a kind. Here is what I’m thinking..

A skirt!

A girl can never have too many skirts, especially long ones you can wear year round.

geometric grandpa sweater $2.50

Pair this super warm cardigan with your favorite wide-frame nerd glasses and you are set! (yes, I just said that)

polyester blazer $.79

To me this doesn’t look all that great, but trying it on definitely sealed the deal. Fits perfectly and at $.79 it was a steal. I look forward to customizing this super versatile jacket.

Bloomingdales heavy knit cardigan $2.50

There is only one word to describe this sweater, and that is amazing. It’s simple, warm and comfortable, and I love the detailing on the sleeves.

moccasin boots $2.99

And last but not least are these little gems that I’m sure you’ve already fallen in love with from last week’s post. Sorry my friends, they’re spoken for :)

P.S. If you are reading this and it’s still Thursday, you are AWESOME!

Stay thrifty my friends.


thrifty thursday

I’m kind of addicted to good deals! You would be completely amazed at how much money I save my family on everything from groceries and household items to clothes and baby necessities. Here is a look at what I picked up from CVS yesterday..

Think about how much you might pay for all these items at full price. Now let me tell you what I paid! Are you ready for this?  $4!!  (if you want to know how to do this too, click here) I watched the lady in front of me check out, and she had a handbasket full of items. Her total was $306! It amazes me how much people will spend on basic household items.

aqua harem pants $.49 (yes, 49 cents!)

I realize these pants need to be pressed and hemmed, but I’m thrilled about this find! These are so comfy I can wear them just lounging around the house, yet cute enough to dress up with heels (if you’re into that sort of thing). Here are some other ways to dress up or dress down your harem pants.

And last but certainly not least..

vintage bracelet $0

I paid nada for this beauty because my customer card at one of my favorite thrift stores was filled up, which gives you $5 on a purchase. This bracelet was $4.99 so I got it FREE! I love that word :)

Stay Thrifty My Friends!!