DIY: Valentines Day

Why is it that I always wait until the last minute to get excited about Valentine’s Day? We hadn’t even given it any thought until about.. today. So in an attempt to make our almost forgotten holiday a tad more exciting Gigi and I (but mostly just I) had a craft day to make some V-Day decor with supplies we already had on hand. Here’s what we used..

2014-02-11 12.11.18


A few sticks we hunted down outside. Appropriately colored yarn. Some chicken feathers I collected and washed last year from our hens (may they rest in peace). And hearts cut out of construction paper.

2014-02-11 13.51.28

Cupid’s Arrows

2014-02-11 11.01.58These are simple to make and so cute. Check out a few different styles I found while browsing for ideas.

While we were on the theme of paper hearts and tree branches, I had another idea that I wanted to try, so we picked up a Manzanita branch from our backyard.

2014-02-11 14.09.59These are tissue paper hearts glued onto the tips of the branches.
SO easy! Next year I’m going to get a head start on Valentine’s day because the possibilities are seriously endless.

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Happy Valentine’s loves.


how to: paper hearts

these paper hearts are so simple to make. if you couldn’t figure it out just by looking, follow these instructions

first, cut several strips on newspaper about 1 inch wide. the longer the strips the larger the heart will be.

next, fold down the outer strips to form the loops of your heart, making larger loops as you go. I used about 8 strips per heart (for you special people, that makes about 4 strips per side).

when you’ve created the shape you want, you can staple or glue (I used paper clips because it’s what I had) your strips in place. to make the garland, repeat these steps and insert the “tail” of your heart into the top of the next one and secure.

if you get creative with these hearts let me know what you did!